Digital Business Building

DBMC provides targeted support to help the bank evolve towards and deliver its digital agenda.

We work with our clients to create and embed new digital products and services and to design and deliver the behaviours and culture to become truly client-centric and more innovative.

Examples of a few projects delivered by our ‘Digital Business Building’ proposition are below.

  • Feasibility study ‘Digital Identities’, Germany

    Deutsche Bank decided to carry out a feasibility study assessing whether the bank would introduce an identity services platform jointly with an alliance German corporates. The project started on a green field and the DBMC representatives were given extensive responsibility. Despite the steep learning curve – covering aspects of project management, legal, finance, communication, marketing, and beyond – the DBMC team managed the intense workload within a tight time frame to ensure the project’s success. The platform successfully launched and is now being used by a variety of corporations to simplify their user account management.

    “Personally, my best experience has been the team I was working with. The strong hands-on mentality and dedication of all colleagues fostered mutual trust within the team and enabled us to get the job done well and on time.”

  • Digital Roadmap Wealth Management, Germany & Singapore

    DBMC helped the Head of Digital and Client Analytics in Wealth Management to define a future digital roadmap for the division. The team collaborated closely with business and technology stakeholders to explore digital market trends and changing client expectations, putting into action the new digital strategy and successfully launch a new digital client offering for the Asian market.

    “This project was a great opportunity to demonstrate our global footprint with a cross-regional team, with team members in Singapore and Frankfurt. It was great to see how the digital strategy put into action – that is experience we can leverage for further projects in the digital space.”